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Health Improvement

Subjects taught:

Home Economics   Physical Education

  Extra Curricular Clubs

Home Economics Teachers

Fiona O'Neill (PT - Job Share)

Physical Education Teachers

David Vernon (PT - Job Share)
Lyndsay Gray (PT Raising Achievement)
Tracey Irving
Gordon Shepherd

Active Schools Co-ordinator

Katy Gordon

Monday 1.10-1.50pm- Study Support and Table Tennis
Tuesday 1.10-1.50pm- 5 A-Side football 3.40-4.45- Climbing and Staff Fitness
Wednesday 1.10-1.50pm- Junior Netball 3.40-4.45pm – Senior Netball and Climbing
Thursday 1.10-1.50pm – Dodgeball 3.30-4.45pm- Football and study support
Friday 1.10-1.50pm – Strictly Come Dancing 3.40-4.45pm Staff 5-A-side




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